Our vision

To become game changers in women empowerment and economic emancipation both urban and rural. Build and coach women to be affluent global leaders within different sectors of businesses.

our mission

Establish a platform for women entrepreneurs and provide them with sustainable opportunities which will transform and positively impact their lives and create seeds for future success, penetrating Business Networks beyond borders.  


  • Elevate women to a level of significance where they can add value to their communities.
  • Provide access to local and global business partners.
    Engage value adding global partners.
  • Identify & connect with local role models in different sectors.    
  •  Build a collaborative platform for women entrepreneurs.
  • Initiate and implement training programs and workshops.
  • Structure an array of courses at varied levels of entrepreneurship.
  • Profile women and mentor their progress quarterly.
  • Implement relevant interventions to empower the entrepreneur.
  • Establish mentor and mastermind programs.
  • Access to U.N Women activities.


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Construction | Transport | Information Technology | Health | General.

A non-profit membership based women’s economic empowerment

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