The Rock Awards is an initiative facilitated by Ubambano SA Women Empowerment NPO with its South African and American affiliates aiming to mobilize global women leaders. As a platform for exposing entrepreneurs from various sectors, both urban and rural, it acknowledges the economic and social efforts, while imparting knowledge to these women. Global leaders’ collaboration seeks to inspire, educate, ignite and build future leaders from all backgrounds. 

Anew generation of women leaders is not defined by demographics but by their disadvantaged backgrounds and situational status. The Rock Awards espouses the South African (SA) Women’s Motto; “Wathint’abafazi, wathint’imbokodo – You strike the woman, you strike the rock”, as a symbol of woman power, courage and strength in the face of struggles across the globe.

The Rock Awards presents opportunities for women to mobilise their strengths in resolving their own issues and to be change agents. This motto is related to a life changing historical event in SA. In one of the largest demonstrations staged in this country’s history, 20 000 women of all races marched to the Pretoria Union Buildings on 9 August 1956, to present a petition against the carrying of passes by women to the prime minister, J.G. Strijdom. After the petition was handed over to the secretary of the prime minister, the women sang a freedom song: Wathint` abafazi, Strijdom! (SAHO, 2018)

The only surviving leader of the historical event, Mama Sophia Theresa Williams-de Bruyn, who led the Women’s March to the Union Buildings in 1956 will be honoured.Five USA women leaders (Global leaders) from diverse sectors and influential individuals will be hosted by the Rock Awards custodians brought by the compliment of their American Affiliates.


Given that rock award is inspired by tata Nelson Mandela’s life and inspiration, the launch has structured as an extension to “The global citizen festival: Mandela 100” as means of preserving his legacy, held in Johannesburg, RSA on the 2nd of December 2018.
“This significant event not only honours the legacy of one of the greatest global citizens of our time but provides a powerful platform for youth around the world to make a positive and tangible contribution for people and planet

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